Our Team in the Old Port

Our team is a rich melting pot of young students in language, history, law and tourism who will be delighted to give you rides in French, English, Spanish or German…

  • Chevron down Émilie, the Spontaneous
  • Native from Strasbourg, Emilie has just completed her Master’s degree in International Law this year and now wants to pass the Bar in France in order to become a lawyer.

    Smiling, dynamic and curious, she will answer any of your questions. She has been a supervisor for Cyclocitoyen for two years which increases her customer service expertise and her knowledge of the service.

    My favorite place in Old Montreal: Bonsecours Market

    Why?  Because the entrance of the building is magnificent and symbolizes Montréal’s entry as a Metropolis

    A proverb that inspires me: Life is a long field to cultivate. To travel is to sow the diversity of the earth. To travel is to embellish it with the colors of the world.

  • Chevron down Natacha, the Good Living
  • Native from La Rochelle, Natacha has been studying management and tourism in Montreal. Natacha already has a strong experience in tourism as a guide for the city of Lyon and as an agent at the tourist office of Val d’Isere. Ambitious, Natacha wishes to continue her professional career in event organization. Her school career in Bogotà offers her the ability to tame a third language,Spanish, which she now speaks fluently. Warm and attentive, she embarks you in three languages (French, English and Spanish), always with the smile and good vibes!

    My favorite place in the Old Montreal: The Quays of the Port

    Why? The view is beautiful and it is always a dynamic place with many varied events

    A saying that inspires me: if you do what you’ve always done you’ll get the result you’ve always got

  • Chevron down Lorianne, the Bubbly
  • Montrealer and student in Music Education, especially the piano, the sparkling Lorianne cherishes her city and is eager to help you discover it. Having a strong experience in customer service, Lorianne is cheerful in nature with easy contact. Good communicator, she offers tours in French and English and  will carry you in the steepest streets!

  • Chevron down Marie-Ève, the Open-Minded
  • Graduated in tourism, Marie-Eve has more than 10 years of experience in hospitality and customer service. She also reinvests the school benches to become a teacher in English. Former guide for Montreal in History and outstanding customer agent, Marie-Eve pays particular attention to offering a quality service in a friendly atmosphere. Attached to her city and open-minded, she will embarks you with a smile in English or French!

    My favorite place in the Old Montreal: the promenade by the Saint-Laurent river

    Why ? The view is beautiful om both side: on the river side and the city side

    A proverb  that inspires me: live and let live!

  • Chevron down Sandro, the Curious
  • Born in Montreal and originally from Cuba, Sandro studied political science and would like to work as a translator. Sportsman and traveler, Sandro shares his taste for history by participating in the CycloCitizen adventure for the second year in a row. A wikipedia’s tab opens during breaks, he is always curious to know more about the buildings of Old Montreal. It is with a smile, accuracy and professionalism that he tells the stories of the old city. He offers a tourist service in three languages (French, English, Spanish) and even hopes to learn German soon.

    My favorite place in the Old Montreal: the 2 snobs, public artwork located at Place d’Armes

    Why? Because they symbolize the historical influence between English and French in Montreal.

    A proverb that inspires me:: “We will have all our life to amuse ourselves, we will have all the death to rest”

  • Chevron down Kynan, the Quiet Strength
  • Youngest of the team, Kynan, “warrior” in Breton, is our quiet strength. A former science student and future political science student, Kynan is offering tours for the second year in a row with Cyclocitoyen. Discreet, benevolent and attentive, he’s caring for customers and knows every corner of the Old City!

    Of Franco-Mexican origin, he juggles skillfully between three languages and he is appreciated for its zenitude.

  • Chevron down Jules, the Cheerful
  • Studying to become a French teacher, Jules has a significant experience in teaching, customer service and translation. His international experience, especially in Germany in Cologne, allows him to affirm his strong adaptability and to enhance his talent for languages. French, English, Spanish or German, Jules handles the words with dexterity to tell Montreal’s stories. Jovial and appreciated for his good company and his jokes, he embarks you in his “Jules’s Tricycle”, as he likes to call it, for the most entertaining trip!